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Our Story

  1. 38 years

    since we launched
  2. 65 staff

    across 19 cities
  3. 100,000+

    paying customers
  4. 1billion+

    emails sent/month

At the heart of the Shingora story is Mr. Ashok Jain, President, Shingora. A pillar of administrative might, he comes from a family where he ran a small wool business with his brothers in the 60s. Working his way up from there, he managed to take the company to unequalled heights. His experience with the ways of the industry gave Shingora a sure footing in the market. A man of unyielding principles with a sagacious business sense, Shingora has been blessed to have him at the helm of everyday operations.

We built it for ourselves

An inimitable journey to success over a span of 38 glorious years has positioned Shingora Group Limited as a premier online luxury retailer. Our company is backed by a staff of 65 people spread in 19 cities who are the very best at what they do. With more than 100,000 paying customers, Shingora has truly arrived. Our customer care service has no parallels in the industry and making every Shingora experience memorable for those associated with us has us sending more than a billion emails a month.

Where we are today

Starting out with shawls woven on handlooms, the company today boasts of the finest machinery and state-of-the-art facilities that are beyond compare. Since 1976, it has evolved into a complete Accessories and Home Furnishings Brand. Today, Shingora is poised to take on the world with its luxury range of products. Already a well known name in many countries, it is spreading its wings with the same audacious spirit with which it was launched.