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Who We Are?

A vivacious experience that enthrals you; crafted by Shingora. Imbued with mesmerising designs and enchanting colours, this stimulating potpourri brings in a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. Incepted with keen foresight and oodles of passion by Mrs. Mridula Jain, the three decade long journey has reached an unprecedented high. Everything that bears the Shingora brand name comes with quality assurance and ensconces a traditional heart in a contemporary style.

Shingora is not just a brand, it is an idea that blossomed into a fledging belief. A belief in the power of quality, infrastructure, dedication and vision. From being a modest garment, the shawl started being recognised as a fashion accessory. What was unthinkable in terms of achievement for a school teacher, became a hallmark of competence. It was a strong faith in her dream, coupled with hard-work and perseverance that made Shingora stand out. Her vision was further strengthened by her elder son, Mr. Amit Jain. Armed with an international education and work experience to back his competence, he took to the digitisation of the company from handlooms to a system driven enterprise. The company reached new heights under his guidance and pushed the bar higher for the existing shawl market.

The strongest suit of Shingora is its sound infrastructure. By continually adding to the existing skills and infrastructure, Shingora knows success cannot be taken for granted and constantly works towards deserving it. The hi-tech CAD systems, electronic jacquards, shuttle-less looms, moving carriage printing machines and continuous washing and finishing lines to fully automatic color kitchen for both dyeing and printing, fully automatic color and chemical dispensing systems and SAP ERP solutions give the process of printing, weaving and dyeing an edge. Avant-garde and exceptionally thorough at every level, Shingora has always welcomed change and is continually upgrading to latest technology.

Entwining the best of traditional and modern, each piece exudes a global appeal. Each piece is something to be cherished for generations for its timeless charm and fine craftsmanship.

Shingora is based in Ludhiana, the industrial hub of north India. From its top notch facilities, it rolls out its impeccable collections of Shawls, Scarves, Stoles, Throws and Fabrics that range from premium to luxury. With its eyes on the burgeoning International market, Shingora follows its core belief of 'Spread or Stifle'.

It has Armani, Kenzo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and more as its clients. Already a familiar name in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Japan, Shingora's global dreams are taking concrete shape. With their team of eclectic, creative and efficient workers, the pursuit to be creative, enthusiastic and committed is effectively realised, resulting in an outstanding experience for its customers.

At Shingora, every body associated with the brand is a part of the extended family and is treated as such. With customer satisfaction at the apex of all activities, all interactions are courteous, pleasant and swift. Every possible care is taken to ensure employee welfare and no stone is left unturned to do their bit for the environment. Every one associated with Shingora holds dear a sense of pride that has its roots in doing more than the mandatory bit for not just the environment and employees but for society at large through their Corporate Social Responsibility campaign. By being approachable and helpful as a resource, they enjoy the goodwill of the media and the Government.

Like all great and memorable stories, the Shingora tale orchestrates the elements of colour, design, quality and fashion with utmost ease, creating drama, poignancy and joy in your wardrobe.


Mr. Ashok Jain

Meet Our Amazing Team



Mr. Ashok JainChairman


At the heart of the Shingora story is Mr. Ashok Jain, President, Shingora. A pillar of administrative might, he comes from a family where he ran a small wool business with his brothers in the 60s. Working his way up from there, he managed to take the company to unequalled heights. His experience with the ways of the industry gave Shingora a sure footing in the market. A man of unyielding principles with a sagacious business sense, Shingora has been blessed to have him at the helm of everyday operations.

Mrs. Mridula JainManaging Director


A daring dreamer who had the audacity to follow her vision and persevere till it was realised, Mrs. Mridula Jain emerged triumphant and stronger. Two decades ago, she added Shawls to her Husband's knitwear business. Starting on handlooms, the business has grown into an empire due to clarity of her vision, unrelenting dedication and firm faith. Her untiring devotion to her work and towards the betterment of the industry has earned her the trust and respect of everyone, yet she remains humble to the core. She has been awarded the Mahila Udyog Ratna in 1993, the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1994 and the Best Woman Entrepreneur in 1995 by the State Government, among other awards. Also, the vice-chairperson of the Shawl Club of India and a member of various Government and Non-Government committees and advisory boards, she enjoys a lot of clout and has put that to best use to help the sector.

Mr. Amit JainPresident


As head of research and development wing, Mr. Amit Jain brought a spurt of growth by digitising the handloom based industry. Due to mechanisation and digitisation, brand Shingora grew to be recognised as a name to reckon with. With the introduction of high-tech design systems, machinery, shuttle-less looms and electronic jacquards under his aegis in the mid 1990s, the company got a global makeover. His international education, work experience and love for travel broadened his perspective and egged him on to make Shingora a global name. Awareness of the latest in the textile industry also helped him on. The company shines bright at the very apex, miles away from the closest contemporaries. It was with his commitment that exports were initiated, taking the company a step closer to the global dream.

Mr. Anuj JainCEO


As the younger sibling, Mr. Anuj Jain has proved to be of inimitable importance with his agility and astute business sense. He joined the business in 2001 after completing his education abroad. He got the company the prestegious SA 8000 and Oeko-Tex Compliances through his dedicated efforts. Compliance activities are something he handles effortlessly, along with heading the commercial and financial operations. His expertise in economics and understanding of the science behind operations gives him an edge. Under his able leadership, changes have been introduced in the international-level management information systems and their operations.